Monday, May 30, 2011

Inspiring Moments

So tonight I left the boys at home and went to do some light grocery shopping for the week at HEB. I love our HEB here. All the employees are always so helpful and SOOOO incredibly nice when you get to the checkout. I never have to wait in a line, etc. etc. Anyway, tonight was no different, except that when I got up to swipe my card, I noticed the bag boy was a little different than most and it made me smile. He had a smile from ear to ear and you could tell he was proud to be a bagger. After the transaction went through, he finished putting the bags in my cart, but not before he said, "Hi, how are you today?" I responded with a smile, "I'm great and you?" He smiled even bigger if that was at all possible and said, "GREAT!! I have a few more hours of work, but it's ok!" You see this boy had down syndrome, it was apparent. The checker said, "Thank you. Here's your receipt. John can help you out!" I smiled and declined because there were only a few bags and I could manage. He smiled big again and said, "Have a great night!" Then he started bagging the next transaction as happy as a lark! I wanted to just hug him he was so cute!!

It got me thinking on the way home about my nephew who just recently turned 4. He has down syndrome as well and he couldn't be more happy than to just be here on this Earth. He smiles and laughs just as the boy that bagged my groceries tonight. It made me smile and think that one day he'll be able to do the same. So happy belated birthday to my nephew who makes me smile just thinking about him....and to the bag boy at HEB, thank you for making my day just by being you!!

First time I got to hold him (so tiny)
Love that smile!!!

4 years old and handsome as ever!!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

1 Week to Go...................

The countdown officially begins!!! 1 week and my baby will be 1!!!!!!!!! How did this happen so fast?? It was this time 1 year ago that I was due! I felt like a ticking time bomb. Every night I went to bed, I wondered if this were the the night... more like wished it were the night! HA!!! He had other intentions! He wasn't coming out if he had anything to do with it!! I will try and update the blog from CA where we will be spending his b-day. At least for a couple of weeks, then onto UT and MT! Let the vacation/ party begin!!!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Yoga....part two

I did it! I finally got the picture before he came over to grab the camera!!!! Exhibt 2: Downward Facing Dog