Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Bath Time

Now that Wyatt is a little more mobile these days, he can take a bath without the help of a baby hammock. HE LOVES IT!!! He slides all over the place and thinks it's fun to splash. I however, see the fun, but hate cleaning up the mess it makes! I do so love to see him happy though...

Texas Sunset

They say, "A pictures worth a thousand words", well here's three!

Say Goodbye!

It's amazing how long it takes to grow out hair and then in 1's gone!!! Yes, I decided to cut my hair this week and donate it to Locks of Love!! I have to give thanks to prenatal vitamins and hair clips, or I don't think I would have been able to make it this long. Wyatt LOVES long hair and thinks he's supposed to pull it whenever he can. So I'm glad it's much shorter...12 inches shorter to be exact!!

Here's a before and after. Sorry, they aren't better pictures....

Before-- (Feb 14th) Valentines Day

After-- Feb 19th

It's Been, Oh So Very Very Long!!!

I know I know!! I dropped the ball the last 6 weeks and haven't updated the blog. If truth be told, my wireless connection in my computer crapped out. So my computer was pretty much worthless!! However, my BIL (Kevin) came in town and completely re-did my computer and got me a new wireless connection. Wahla!! I'm back online!! Then I got sick, with what seems like another upper respiratory infection. These allergies make Nathan and I wish we were back in WA! They have been horrible!!

Anyway, down to business....

First, in the middle of Jan, Nathan's family came in town to visit and attend a wedding in Houston. This allowed us to spend some time with them. Unfortunately, all the pictures and videos of this lovely weekend are on Ken's (my FIL) camera. :( I'll see if I can get ahold of them. Wyatt had so much fun with his Aunts Michelle and Jennifer and his Uncle Jason!! They entertained him for hours and I have to admit his mom and dad enjoyed it too!! :) It's great when family comes to visit!!

Later in Jan, Nathan returned to school for the 2nd semester. We don't see much of him on Mon and Wed's, but at least it's only 2 days a week!! So far so good... Wyatt decided that crawling was a piece of cake and is pulling up on anything he can get his hands onto. He cruises the couch and has just recently started eatting solids. His favorite is the Gerber puffs! They are my new favorite as well, since it keeps him quite all through church! He has really put on the weight and I can't wait to go to the doctor next month to find out his weight! With the good, all comes bad. His sleeping schedule is less than desirable. He thinks bedtime is 2am and has become an energy zapper for me! He does sleep for 10-12 hours once he crashes, but getting him to bed before 2am is just not happening. I'm soooooooooooo tired! Also, he got another tooth this month. We are up to 2 teeth and I am horrible at keeping y'all updated!!

Feb came in like a lion!!! COLD!!!! For several nights we had to drip faucets and make sure everything was protected from freezing, as we were in a winter weather/ freeze warning. I believe one night we got down into the single digits. BURRR!!! We also saw our first snow and ice of the season. It was beautiful!! Of course, I didn't chance getting Wyatt out in it because he has been healthy thus far and I don't want to change that. So we stayed bundled up inside! Now, we are experiencing wonderful warm weather!! I believe todays high is 80! It's been this way for days and we love playing outside!

In an effort to be better with our food storage, we bought a shed. Nathan is in the process of building it in our backyard and it's HUGE!!!!!!!!!!!! It is pretty much our whole backyard now! :) Once he finishes, I will be updating ya on my 2011 Food Storage Process. I'm kinda excited to get it up and going!!!

I think that's all that has happened in the last few weeks. Here's a few pictures of our growing little man!

He loves to sit on daddy's shoulders

Playing in his crib

I love these dimples!

Bad hair day :)